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Fractional Product Marketing Manager 

for passionate small & mid-size B2B CEOs

Are you a small or mid-sized B2B business owner, founder or CEO without the in-house resources to develop a solid product marketing foundation and the go-to-market strategy you really need to differentiate your products, enable sales and attract and retain more of your ideal customers? As a 20 year B2B marketing leader, Certified Product Marketing Manager and Master Certified Marketing Consultant, I can help.

Struggling to stand out in your market and attract your right clients? 

Are you a small or mid-sized B2B founder or CEO without the in-house resources to develop the product marketing foundation and go-to-market strategy you really need to attract and retain the right clients?

You know you have an amazing product that can make a significant difference for your ideal customers, and you're pretty sure more clients would be attracted come on board - if they only first knew your product existed and second understood exactly why you're different and the impact your product can make for them. But how can you stand out and compete with all the larger organizations and their big budgets?

That's where your Fractional Product Marketing Manager comes in. I specialize in helping small and mid-sized B2B firms businesses really understand what sets their products apart (from their ideal client's perspective vs. your internal assumptions), and then create the right product marketing foundation (positioning, messaging, narrative, copy and core marketing/sales-enablement materials) and go-to-market strategy to attract, convert and retain more of your ideal clients.   

Recruitment Marketing
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Differentiating your products and attracting your ideal clients is possible...

Hi! I'm Nicole. I combine my 20+ years of executive level B2B marketing strategy experience with my expertise in product marketing for multiple B2B technology, SaaS, healthcare, education and manufacturing firms (ranging from start-up and scale-up to enterprise) to help small and mid sized B2B firms take a strategy-first and product marketing best practices approach to create the right best-practices foundation for growth, differentiate from the competition, and attract and retain ideal clients.

As a Certified Product Marketing Manager, former HubSpot Partner, and Master Certified Duct Tape Marketing consultant, I apply proven processes and systems to solve the complex puzzle of marketing for small and mid sized B2B firms.

Plus, I apply my strong communication, interviewing, empathic and relationship building skills gained through Master Coach Certification and deep training in personality psychology and Sparketypes to really connect with customers, break down internal team silos and act as the bridge between product, sales, customer success, engineering and executive teams.  

In the end, the key to effective product marketing is authenticity, transparency and getting to the heart of who your business really is and understanding why your ideal clients choose you, love your products, and keep working with you. Once we know that - we can communicate it in a way that really resonates with your ideal talent, and makes them choose you over larger organizations that may not be the right fit.

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Our Strategy-First Marketing & Business Programs:

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Product Marketing Strategy

Are you a passionate leader of a small to mid sized B2B firm and don't have the in-house resources to establish a solid product marketing foundation? Are you struggling to differentiate your products and attract and retain more of your right clients? Have you reached a level where you know you need a more systematic & strategic approach to marketing, but don't yet have the right in-house expertise?

As a Certified Product Marketing Manager and Master Certified Marketing Consultant with 20 years in strategic B2B marketing, I can provide the senior level expertise you need to develop the right product marketing foundation at the fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

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Recruitment Marketing
and Employer Branding 

Are you a small or mid-sized business owner without the in-house resources to develop the recruitment marketing & employer branding strategy you really need to hire and retain the right talent? Are you struggling to compete for talent with larger competitors, and don't know what to do to make your organization stand out as a top employer?

As a former recruiter with 20+ years of marketing & branding expertise, I can help you learn exactly why your employees choose you and stay with you, turn that into a core employer brand differentiator, and create a company-wide recruitment marketing system that works

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Get Started with an "Ideal Next Steps" Session! 

In this free session, we'll talk about your unique goals & challenges around  marketing strategy and product marketing, and I can help you determine your ideal next step, whether it's one of our programs - or something else!

This is a chance for us to get to know each other, and for me to guide you toward your right next step. I'll follow up with an email so you can make your right decision in your own time.

One of my passions is helping passionate small and mid-sized B2B business owners really understand what makes them different, why clients choose to work with them, and help them create the right positioning and product marketing foundation and go-to-market strategies to communicate that difference in a way that makes it easy for ideal clients to come on board (and stay there). So don't hesitate to book your call - I'd love to talk!

What Makes Us Different?

Most marketing consultants & business coaches focus on one-off tactics or a proven system that worked for them - but may not work for your unique business or how you personally work best.

We take a strategy-first approach & use a proven best-practices marketing framework that can be completely customized to who you are & how you naturally work best. 

Because what we know for sure is that the number one indicator of success for passionate business owners is how closely their business & marketing feels aligned with who they are, their values & purpose, and how they are naturally energized & motivated. 

Proven best practices marketing approach with a Master Certified Marketing Consultant
Focus on customizing your business to who you are & how you work best
Master Certified Coach to support you through all the ups & downs of business
Specialized experience & expertise for professional services firms

What They're Saying

"I've managed several marketing departments at medical device companies over my career. Nicole was my VP of Marketing at Pyng Medical. In looking back over what was done in marketing at Pyng, I believe that Nicole is the strongest marketing talent I've ever had on my team." Mark Hodge, CEO, Pyng Medical
Nicole is a gifted marketing strategist with years of experience in various industries, from high tech to education. She's amazing at assessing a business and determining marketing strategies and processes that should be implemented to help them hit their goals. I've enjoyed working with her, and for her, for over 10 years...and I'm sure you will too! Chandra Blouin, Owner, StudioThink
“Nicole has been essential to building the marketing strategy at four different companies I have worked with. Whether it’s coaching executives on their marketing and business strategy or providing insight into strategy, programs, packages and services, Nicole brings a strong sense of energy, enthusiasm, confidence, clarity to every project. ” Blake Ponuick, President, COO, Preston Mobility & President of Axiom Strategy Group