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This community is specifically for new & aspiring coaches who are transitioning from a career & starting a business for the first time:

  • You're stuck figuring out your genius, people & thing
  • You don't have a background in business & marketing
  • You need to know how all this business stuff works at a big picture level
  • You aren't ready for advanced concepts - you want to know what to do FIRST
  • You crave understanding how all this sh&t works & why
  • You love the magic - but you NEED practical, step-by-step support
  • You don't want to replicate your old career in this new path you're supposed to love.

Most of all - you want to learn how build a business you love - in a way that feels fun, easy & authentic for who you are - but you can't do that until you figure out the lay of the entrepreneur land & connect all those marketing & business dots. 

Now is the right time to join! 

The group is launching May 2018 and we will begin a weekly series of Facebook lives focused around the five steps in the career to business journey for aspiring & new coaches - and have weekly Q & A's around all of your marketing & business basics questions. This will be a three month pop-up group to start.

By joining the community, you will get immediate access to:

  • Me! Master Certified Marketing Consultant. Entrepreneur. Life Coach. Personality psychology junkie. Need to love what I do & do it my own way.
  • The Love Your Business eBook
  • A closed Facebook group where you can connect and get support from people who are in the exact same place you are
  • Weekly Facebook Lives to answer your marketing & business basics questions
  • Our monthly Love What You Do Again Newsletter with articles, videos, eBooks, personal stories and exercises not found anywhere else.  

About Moi - Your Community Mentor, Guide & Coach

Hi - I'm Nicole Croizier! Soul's Calling Coach, Life Coach Instructor, Marketing Expert, Personality Junkie, Need to Love What I Do. 

I'm an Endorsed Soul's Calling Coach, Certified Equus Coach & Martha Beck Life Coach Business Instructor. I'm also a Master Certified Marketing Consultant with more than 20 years of strategic marketing & business design experience. Most importantly, I've been right where you are right now. I left a  squishy (but soul-sucking) corporate career to launch my own business - first as a marketing consultant - and now as a coach and teacher. 

And I would love to help you bypass the months, years (ok decades) of pain & frustration I went through on my own journey to find my right  path & purpose. I would love to help you clear away all the cobwebs so you can finally see yourself clearly. Finally embrace all those amazing bits that make up your unique genius. And finally start moving in your right direction with super-practical support all aligned around who you are - so you can do what you love - in a way you love.  

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