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This community is specifically for new & aspiring coaches who are transitioning from a career & starting a business for the first time:

  • You don't have a background in business & marketing
  • You need to know how all this business stuff works at a big picture level
  • You aren't ready for advanced concepts - you want to know what to do FIRST
  • You crave understanding how all this sh&t works & why
  • You love the magic - but you NEED practical, step-by-step support
  • You don't want to replicate your old career in this new path you're supposed to love.

Most of all - you want to learn how build a business you love - in a way that feels fun, easy & authentic for who you are - but you can't do that until you figure out the lay of the entrepreneur land & connect all those marketing & business dots. 

Now is the right time to join! 

The group is launching January 2018 and we will begin a weekly series of Facebook lives focused around the seven steps in the career to business journey for aspring & new coach - and have Q & A's around all of your marketing & business basics questions. 

By joining the community, you will get immediate access to:

  • Me! Master Certified Marketing Consultant. Entrepreneur. Life Coach. Personality psychology junkie. Need to love what I do & do it my own way.
  • The Love Your Business eBook
  • A closed Facebook group where you can connect and get support from people who are in the exact same place you are
  • Weekly Facebook Lives to answer your marketing & business basics questions
  • Exclusive access to the Love Your Life Coaching Business Mini-Course (COMING SOON!) 
  • Our monthly Love What You Do Again Newsletter with articles, videos, eBooks, personal stories and exercises not found anywhere else.