Are You Ready to Design a Life Coaching Business You Love?

Then join my six week done-with-you group program for new life coaches & passionate solopreneurs. You'll design a life coaching business that's completely in line with who you are & how you naturally work best. By the end of the six weeks, you'll feel clear on your ideal clients, main program & core messages. Best of all, you'll craft the content for your main website pages & leave with a creative brief to bring your business to life. Here's what we'll be doing:

Unlock Your Business Genius

As an empathic & intuitive coach, it's important to design a business that feels authentic, energizing, and in flow. That's why your program starts out with a private one-on-one unique genius session. in this session, we're going unlock your business genius by really connecting to who you are, what you want, and how you naturally work best. This will help you get clear on the people & programs that feel the most energizing & inspiring to you. It's the key to loving your business.

Identify Your Ideal Clients

Who do you love helping? What problems do you love helping people solve? How can you describe these people in a way that helps you attract & help more of them? These are the question we're going to answer in this session. But - let's take the perfection pressure off right now. As a new life coach, you likely don't yet have the experience & information you need to figure out your ideal client for all time - and that's ok! You just need to make your best guess for right now - so you can start moving forward & working with some clients. And that's what we're going to do! 
As a Master Certified Marketing Consultant, Life Coach & Personality Junkie, I help new life coaches design their career paths, businesses & marketing strategies around who they uniquely are & how they naturally work best. It's the key to loving what you do every day.

Nicole Croizier Corner Your Market - Love What You Do Again


Outline Your Core Program

In order to start working with more of your ideal clients - you need something to offer them. And your people need to know exactly what your offer is, how it works, and how it helps them. So in this session, we’re going to get clear on the core program or service you want to start offering first - and then outline all the details from your process to delivery. You’ll feel clear on exactly what you’re offering - and your ideal clients will understand exactly how you can help them.

Create Your Messages

Now it’s time to take everything you’ve learned about yourself, your ideal clients & your main service and craft your core messages. We’ll start by creating an internal statement that you can use as a reference for all your future marketing copy. Then, we’ll draft your main messages to use in print, online & in person. Finally, you’ll write your unique story. Every step of the way, we’ll make sure that your messaging is completely in line with who you are & your authentic voice.


Craft Your Core Website Content

What is the main purpose of your website? To let your ideal clients know:

  • They're in the right place (that what you have to offer is for them)
  • How you can help them solve their problems
  • Who you are & why they should trust that you can deliver on what you promise
  • The exact action you want them to take next.
And you can do all of this through your website copy. So in this session, we're going to turn your powerful messages into your three core website pages: Home, About, and Work With Me.  


Bring Your Business to Life

In this final session, we'll outline the best next steps you can take to bring your business to life so you can start working with some clients. This includes putting together your ideal business jumpstart kit, including:

  • A way to work with clients
  • A way to schedule clients
  • A way to accept payments
  • A way to give clients more information (your website & marketing materials)
  • A way for clients to contact you 

You'll leave this session with a Creative Brief outlining your core business, messaging & copy that you can use to guide your next steps or hand off to anyone helping you with your website, copy or marketing. 

Nicole is the business coach I've always been looking for and finally found.

Bev Barnes Master Coach Instructor - Soul's Calling Academy





Nicole’s program gave us clarity about ourselves, our strengths and our dreams. We made critical decisions that have brought more peace into our business by focusing more on what we love to do and unlocking higher profits while doing it. Amazing!”

Justin & Brenda Sturges Owners, Systemadik