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Are You a Passionate Solopreneur on a Journey to Design, Market & Run a Business You Love?

Here's How to Connect Who You Are to a Business You Love in 5 Steps

In this eBook, I’ll walk through the 5 steps that passionate solopreneurs like you need to take on your journey to transition from your 9-5 job and design, market & run a business you love. 

You'll Learn:

  • Why passionate solopreneurs aren't "typical entrepreneurs"

  • How to identify where you're at on your business journey, and set the right expectations for the phase you're in right now

  • What it means to "quick start" your business - and why it's important

  • The exact steps to design, market & run a business you love

  • Where there might be gaps or missed steps in your business building & marketing

  • How to align who you are with every aspect of your business - and why this is the key to loving what you do every day

Best of all, you can use this eBook as your big picture reference as you move through your journey to design, market & run your new business - and leave your career behind.

Using the checklists throughout the eBook, you can evaluate where your at in your business-building process right now, identify any gaps, and know your exact next steps to move forward.  

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